Associate Organizer, HOPE in Tampa, Florida

Born in Ecuador, Jesid has lived in Florida since he was 11 years old. As an undocumented teenager, he grew up feeling helpless in the face of the injustices faced by his family and community.  It wasn’t until he enrolled at Florida State University that he learned about DART, community organizing and the power of collective action. His main area of study was examining how models of international policy and financial markets could help develop a region or country, but ultimately, he decided he was interested in more hands-on work.

Inspired by attending a Nehemiah Action hosted by the PEACE organization in West Palm Beach, where he and his family saw nearly 3,000 people from diverse religious, racial and socio-economic backgrounds come together to challenge law enforcement agencies to reduce arrests of children and immigrants, Jesid joined the staff of HOPE in 2015. He is currently staffing a campaign to establish an affordable housing trust fund in Tampa.