Associate Organizer, ICARE in Jacksonville, Florida 

Josh‘s interest in social change was sparked by experiences he had while in high school in Leeds, Alabama. He witnessed several young black students either fall short of graduation or be pushed out of school through punitive discipline policies. What bothered him most was that this was just seen as “the way things are.” While he was angry, he didn’t quite know how to channel that anger until he got to college. During Josh‘s freshman year at Vanderbilt, Travyon Martin was murdered. He joined with Black students on campus to organize a response and this opened his eyes to world of social justice. From that point he became involved in a litany of student organizing and activism efforts around issues of racism, gender-based violence, and workers rights. It was during this time that he discovered DART and admired the emphasis on grassroots organizing to build people power. He is currently at ICARE in Jacksonville working on the campaign to secure more funding for the Jacksonville Reentry Center, a center that provides wrap-around services to ex-offenders.