Faith and Action for Strength Together


Faith and Action for Strength Together (FAST) is a congregation-based community organization in Pinellas County, Florida, whose purpose is to train low- to moderate-income residents from diverse congregations to work together to identify root causes of community problems and take action on these problems. Through FAST, diverse people come together to powerfully address the needs in their own communities.


We come together annually in large public actions to press officials to implement solutions to community problems. In 2019 we brought together 2500 people to stand together for the community. Our accomplishments since 2005 include:


  • We got our county transportation agency, PSTA, to upgrade many of the bus stops to provide shelter and more safety for their riders, especially senior citizens.

Youth concerns and education

  • Over the past few years, we have pushed the School District to stop using a zero-tolerance discipline policy that pushes children down the school-to-prison pipeline. We got the school district to implement Restorative Practices in all schools. Now, we are working to make sure that they are providing school staff with the necessary training and resources to correctly implement Restorative Practices.
  • In 2012 Florida arrested 78,195 youth and 73,371 were for non-violent offenses.  At this time, Florida arrested more of our youth than California or Texas and arrested double the percentage of our youth in comparison to New York. The state created a program called Civil Citations through which local law enforcement can divert youth to community-based programs without giving them criminal records. The recidivism rate for this program is only 4%, and it saves over $4,500 per case, yet not all communities in Florida offered this program to their youth. Last year, with the help of the other DART organizations in Florida, we got the state legislature to pass a bill that requires each district court to set up a civil citation program for youth. Over the last two years, 9,000 children in Florida were given second chances for first-time offenses instead of giving them arrest records that brand them for life.
  • In 2005, we secured commitments from the director of the Early Learning Coalition to provide funding for a full-day of Pre-K for any child whose parents are working and make less than 200% of the poverty level. As of summer 2018, over 12,000 low-income 4-year-olds in Pinellas County had been able to attend a full-day of Pre-K because of this funding.

Affordable Housing

  • In 2006, FAST secured commitments from all 7 county commissioners to support $19.2 million for an affordable housing trust fund. This created 1,469 new units. In 2015, we got them to commit another $15 million, which has already created another 600 units.
  • In the 2010-2020 cycle of the Penny for Pinellas tax, the County spent only 1% of the tax on affordable housing. When the tax came up for vote in 2017, FAST pushed our County Commission to spend 4.15% of the tax on affordable housing. Though initially resistant, a majority of Commissioners agreed to spend 4.15% of affordable housing. This is estimated to be $82.5 million. Additionally, we got the St. Petersburg City Council to spend $15 million of their Penny funds on affordable housing.  We also got both the city and county to pass resolutions stating that this money should be primarily spent on low-income families (around $50,000/year or less).

Crime and Jobs

  • Through the FAST Hot Spots campaign, the local law enforcement of the County, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg have, in total, cleaned up over 76 hot spots of drugs and crime in our communities.
  • In 2011 Dr. Law, President of St. Petersburg College, responded to the concerns of FAST by creating the Learn to Earn Program. This program created short term, affordable, certificate programs to prepare people for jobs in fields which are currently hiring. Since 2011, over 8,000 certificates have been earned and over 4,000 job placements have been made.
  • After five years of work, we got the St. Petersburg City Council to pass an ordinance guaranteeing that 10% of working hours on any city-funded construction jobs over $2 million would go to disadvantaged workers (those with records or who have been on public assistance in the last year).


  • About 200,000 adults in Pinellas County lack access to affordable dental care. In Pinellas County for people living at 100% of the Federal Poverty Line, which for a family of 4 is a household income of $23,050, most can get covered for only ‘relief of pain’ services – mostly extractions. After two years of hard work by FAST members, in 2013 three dental clinics were added which serve an additional 1,900 per year.
  • In 2014 we successfully got the County Commissioners to allocate $958,000 of reoccurring funding into the county budget for dental care. This will result in 1,600 more people getting access to dental care each year. In total 3,500 more will be able to get access to comprehensive dental care in Pinellas County because of our efforts.
  • In 2016, we got the County Commission to allocate a pilot program for the most severally mentally ill citizens of Pinellas County. This program, called Housing First, gives the program members housing and support services to prevent them from cycling between hospitals, jails, and the streets due to mental illness. This program was funded for over $900,000 and was awarded by the White House for its effectiveness.

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Current Membership

Presently FAST has 38 member congregations representing over 50,000 individual members. We come from all parts of Pinellas County and are comprised of a diverse mix of persons by race, economic class, and religious traditions.

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