Congregations Acting for Justice and Empowerment


The mission of the CAJE Organization is to draw together people of faith to act powerfully to address local community issues through processes of relationship building, direct action, and negotiation with decision-makers.


Suicide Prevention In response to the area’s suicide epidemic CAJE pushed to have Warrick, Vanderburgh and Posey county sheriff departments train and equip all their deputies with the opioid overdose antidote Narcan. Since 2014 over 30 lives have been saved in the city of Evansville, Vanderburgh County and Warrick County, due to CAJE’s push to equip all local first responders. At the 2017 Action, Posey County Sheriff Greg Oeth agreed to equip his deputies with the antidote. By June 2017, he had followed through on his commitment.

Dental Care At the 2014 Nehemiah Action CAJE won commitments from Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, ECHO’s Sandy Strader-McMillan and County Council President Tom Shetler to find funding for ECHO Health’s proposed dental care program. This program would give low income and members of the community access to quality dental care at a sliding scale cost. Funding was found for the program during the summer of 2014 and there are currently 19 area dentists involved in the program, with that number growing. This allows them to serve around 3,000 members of the community.

Youth Homelessness After discovering that 1/3 of all young adults who aged out of the foster care system were ending up homeless within two years, CAJE took action. They convened representatives from local banks, energy companies, and landlords to hold a First-Time Renter’s Workshop in the fall of 2013. Though primarily geared towards those aging out of the foster care or court systems, the workshop was open to the public and included education about the rights and responsibilities of renters as well as assistance in opening a free checking account. Workshop attendees were given a certificate of completion which can be used in lieu of renter’s history, something most former foster youth lack.

Drug Treatment In 2012, CAJE got Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, County Council President Tom Shetler, State Senator Jim Tomes, County Prosecutor Nick Hermann, Judge Wayne Trockman, and Drug Treatment Court Director Larry Paul to form a working group to find funding for expansion of drug treatment court in the county. Drug treatment court is a proven method for lowering criminal recidivism and drug addiction, but had been severely understaffed in Vanderburgh County, resulting in long waitlists. The working group created by CAJE leveraged $1 million for the expansion of drug treatment court, resulting in a 20% expansion of the number of participants in the program annually.

Public Transportation CAJE’s initiative to improve public transportation in Warrick County has expanded. The first route was created in Newburgh, IN and has now expanded to Chandler, IN and Boonville, IN. A fourth route is in development stages and will be launched on the East side of Newburgh, IN. The bus service has already serviced over 20,000 individuals.

CAJE also won the expansion of public transportation up the Highway 41North corridor, connecting the thousands of unemployed people in Vanderburgh county with the over 200 employers located in the 41 North corridor. The route has served more than 23,000 riders and is in talks of being expanded.

Re-entry In 2017, CAJE got Vanderburghs County Commissioner Ben Shoulders and the majority of the Vanderburgh County Council to allocate funding for a second case manager for a succesful re-entry program. With a second case manager, the program will nearly double and the county will save over $100,000 within a year of this addition.

Current Membership

CAJE is a coalition of 22 diverse congregations.

In the past year, CAJE has trained over 120 leaders, over 600 leaders participated in our annual listening process and over 200 leaders have participated in building strong justice ministry networks in their congregations.

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