This Could Be Your Life’s Calling

In Montgomery County, Ohio, more people lose their homes to bank foreclosures than any other county in the country. In Richmond, Virginia, there are more suspensions per year in the school district than there are students enrolled. In one elementary school, the average student is suspended about twice a year. A new payday lending store opens every four days in Kentucky. Payday lenders typically charge around 400 percent annual interest, leaving more than 175,000 Kentucky families trapped in a cycle of indebtedness. These grave community problems are not caused by a shortage of committed teachers, financial advisors, or charitable giving.

They are caused by a lack of power.

People in these three communities – and others throughout the country – are angry about these issues. But as individuals we are unable to effectively hold systems like these accountable. As one person, we are powerless. However, when large numbers of people organize together, we gain the ability to negotiate to the benefit of our families and communities. This is where you come in.

We need great community organizers to grow and put an end to the problems that have perennially plagued our cities for generations. If you want to build power by bringing together large numbers of people and to do justice by addressing problems at their root cause, then we encourage you to join us.  Here’s how.

See what it means to become an organizer. Watch this great video

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