Coalition of churches call for expansion of state’s juvenile citation program

October 25, 2016. The Tampa Bay Times.

When she was caught stealing an $8 necklace as a 12-year-old, Samantha Hernandez said she was tackled to the ground and arrested, yet told the crime would be cleared from her record by the time she was 18.

That wasn’t the case.

“I’m now 25, and that arrest from 13 years ago still comes up when I apply for jobs, college and housing,” Hernandez said.

Justice ministry renews call for outside audit of Charleston, North Charleston police

October 22, 2016. The Post and Courier.

An interfaith advocacy group is calling for a deeper, outside examination of Charleston police policies on pedestrian stops beyond Chief Greg Mullen’s planned review aimed at weeding out innocent people from a massive database culled from these encounters.

Members of the Charleston Area Justice Ministry said Mullen’s approach won’t get at the underlying problems with these stops or the racial disparities highlighted in The Post and Courier’s recent series, “Watched.” Erasing names from the database eliminates documentation of questionable stops without exploring the potential lessons they contain, said the Rev. Charles Heyward, co-president of the justice ministry.

Justice Matters asks Lawrence, Douglas County leaders to commit on affordable housing, criminal justice review

April 13, 2016. The Lawrence Journal-World.

City and county leaders expressed support — but didn’t make specific commitments — on what was asked of them in front of almost 2,000 people at an annual Justice Matters assembly Wednesday.

Broward Church Leaders to Officials: Stop Arresting So Many Juveniles

April 12, 2016. Broward New Times.

Waffling, flip-flopping, failing to deliver… These are common problems among politicians.

So, once a year, churchgoers from about 20 Broward congregations come together to put those leaders on the spot. Typically they choose one issue of importance, devise a solution, and then ask the leaders publicly: Are you going to support this or not?