CLOUT’s efforts result in enrollment of additional 60,000 children in KCHIP

Louisville, KY – In its “Catch a Falling Child” campaign, CLOUT addressed the fact that thousands of eligible children were falling through the cracks of the healthcare system due to various barriers to enrollment in the KCHIP (Kentucky Child Health Insurance Program). CLOUT won a commitment from thirteen different state and local health officials in 2008 to form a task force and develop a pilot project enrolling 6,000 more children in Medicaid and KCHIP within the following three years. This task force developed a set of recommendations on how to improve the state’s Medicaid and KCHIP programs. Gov. Steve Beshear eventually committed to remove barriers to enrollment, and to dedicate $31 million, to be matched by $81 million in federal funding, to enroll 35,000 children in KCHIP over the following two years. As the result of these changes, over time an additional 60,000 children were enrolled in KCHIP

PACT brings HealthConnect to 101 schools

Miami, FL – In collaboration with several other groups in Miami-Dade County, in 2008, PACT secured the implementation of the program HealthConnect in Our Schools for 101 schools. HealthConnect is a program which assigns a team of professionals, often nurses, social workers, and health aides, to bring many needed health services to schools. Schools with a HealthConnect team are capable of providing physical, behavioral, and mental health services. As of June 2010, there were health clinics in place in 165 local public schools.

PEACE secures increased enrollment in coordinated care

West Palm Beach, FL – At their 2008 Nehemiah Action, PEACE secured a commitment from Health Care District (HCD) CEO Dwight Chenette to significantly increase enrollment in low-cost health care plans through the HCD. He returned to the 2009 Action, reporting a 25% increase in enrollment, the highest increase in enrollment ever, compared to a 7% increase the year before. In 2009, enrollment in HCD programs Coordinated Care and Vita Health had reached nearly 17,000 residents.

HOPE expands dental care

Tampa, FL – In 2008 HOPE received an agreement from two Federally Qualified Health Clinics, the Health Department, and Tampa General Hospital to create a plan to increase dental care for 15,000 people living at 200% of the poverty level. A draft plan was presented to the HOPE Convention in October 2008. As of November 2010, the Health Department has hired a Dental Coordinator, dental services were increased for over 3,000 people, and 22 new dental chairs were established at health clinics with 16 of the dental chairs at two new health clinics opened in 2010.

Dental clinic hires dentist, reduces wait-list and wait time

Charlottesville, VA – As a result of IMPACT’s 2008 Nehemiah Action, with 2,000 people in attendance, the Charlottesville Free Clinic committed to hiring a dentist by March 2009 to begin to serve over 1,000 people on local waiting lists for dental care. The Clinic fulfilled this commitment eight months ahead of schedule and received $230,000 in funding to hire an entire dental staff in addition to a full-time dentist. The waiting list has been reduced to 200 people and the wait time for emergency visits is now 1-2 weeks, down from an original wait of 2-3 years.