Associate Organizer, PEACE in Palm Beach, Florida

Originally from Virginia, Virginia spent her high school years babysitting, coaching swimming, and working to serve other through many volunteer programs at her church and school. Having grown up with parents that stressed the importance of giving back to the community, Virginia figured she would be a teacher – combining her passion for working with children and her desire to make a difference.

During college, as Virginia pursued her teaching degree, she also began to notice the inequalities that plagued Charlottesville. So Virginia started a Girl Scout Troop, ran a tutoring program, and joined a service fraternity. She was giving back to the community but the problems didn’t go away. Upset and a little lost, she began to study more about the Catholic call to do justice, to change the systems creating the inequalities. Virginia questioned if teaching was really her calling or if she was being led to something else, like organizing. As the end of college approached, Virginia decided she wanted to do more than run around and put band-aids on problems and applied to the DART Organizers Institute.

During her 5 years at PEACE, Virginia has had the opportunity to work on issue campaigns that continually reinforce her belief that organizing truly is her calling and her passion. These campaigns include: Eliminating Wage Theft; Eliminating Out-of-School Suspension; and Reducing the Unnecessary Arrest of Children.  Virginia knows that through organizing she is living out her values and truly making Palm Beach County a better place for all its residents, including some of its most vulnerable – children.