MORE Justice

Midlands Organized Response for Equality and Justice

We’re Hiring!

MORE Justice will hire a Lead Community Organizer / Executive Director to start mid- to late-May.  We are accepting applications now. See details here.


MORE Justice is a growing coalition of 33 congregations which are culturally, economically, racially, geographically and religiously diverse – coming together to fulfill our scriptural mandate to “do justice” and make the Central Midlands a more just place for all people. Our mission is to powerfully address serious community wide problems through direct action. We will accomplish this by identifying a problem, doing research, educating the public, and publicly addressing the root causes of poverty and injustice in our communities. MORE Justice is unique in its approach in that it transforms the systems that cause suffering by holding local officials accountable for resolving these inequities and injustices. 

During our first year as an organization, more than 500 people came together and voted to prioritize mental health and education for research and action. After several months of research and building the power of organized people, MORE Justice members turned out more than 1,300 people to our inaugural Nehemiah Action. There, we pressed local law enforcement to certify all officers in Crisis Intervention Training, or CIT, by April of 2021 and in the face of such broad community support both Columbia PD and Richland County Sheriff’s Department committed to do just that. Now, due to our power of people, our officers will be better prepared to safely and successfully interact with those in our community with mental illness and deescalate situations. 
What do we want!? MORE Justice!

Contact Us

709 Gabriel Street
Columbia, SC 29203

Kayla Gilchrist
Lead Organizer
(320) 219-2449