We are currently accepting applications for Associate Community Organizer positions in the cities listed below. Applying to become a community organizer with DART is a three step process.  Once you have completed all three steps, you can expect to hear from us within two weeks regarding the possibility of an interview.  

Positions start August 10, 2020 in:

FLORIDA:  St. Petersburg

KANSAS: Lawrence

Positions start January 11, 2021 in:

FLORIDA:  Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, Lakeland

VIRGINIA: Richmond

Application Step 1: Watch this job preview video to learn more about careers in community organizing with DART. Those who have attended an information session should still view this video:

Application Step 2: Complete the short answer questions here.  

Application Step 3: Answer the two essay prompts below. Email your essay responses, along with your resume, to careers@thedartcenter.org.

Essay Prompt #1:  Every day, policy decisions are made in cities around the country that deeply impact our lives.  These decisions are often made in private by people representing powerful interests like banks, government, health care systems, utility companies and others. The power to influence decisions in this arena typically comes from two sources: organized people and organized money. When unorganized, certain populations such as minorities, children, elderly and low-income communities are largely left out of this decision making process.  At DART, we believe this imbalance of power is the root cause for most of the problems that plague our communities (e.g., inadequate public schools, police brutality, predatory lending, crime, wasteful spending of tax money, unemployment, etc).

We encourage you to consider this statement, then answer ‘from your gut’ and in plain language,  using 300-500 words, the following question: Why do you want to be a community organizer?

Essay Prompt #2: Using 300-500 words, describe your three most challenging accomplishments and explain how you were challenged by each one.

DART is an Employer of National Service.  AmeriCorps, Peace Corps and other national service members and alumni are encouraged to apply.