Executive Director

While pastoring in the center city of Dayton, Ohio, John was frustrated at the ability of his congregation to act on fundamental problems of poor schools, run-down housing, lack of jobs, and crime. That frustration led him to work with other clergy to start a congregation-based community organization that came to be known as LEAD.


Associate Director

Holly Holcombe is the co-founder and Associate Director of DART.  A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Holly moved to the Midwest and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1974.  Her commitment to community change and fairness led her to a ten day training event on community organizing in Chicago that served to launch a lifelong career in organizing.


Director of Organizer Training

Kristin Powell has a BA from Dartmouth College where she studied Urban Geography. During her first year in college she went to New Orleans to help with relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina. Her experience in New Orleans became the catalyst for her career in organizing.


Training Director

Leah Woodward Wiley has a BA from Florida A&M University and a Masters of Mass Communication from the University of Florida. Leah served as the President of the Black Graduate Student Organization and produced several short documentary films during her time at the University of Florida.


Assistant Recruitment Director

Originally from Columbus, OH, Justin is a new transplant to the Boston area. He brings a diverse set of perspectives to the DART team thanks to his professional background in sales and nonprofit development, as well as his educational background in political science and law.


Assistant Recruitment Director

Moe began her organizing career at IMPACT in Charlottesville before relocating to Colorado in 2016 to be closer to family. She spent three years fundraising for a state-level environmental advocacy organization and another year and a half fundraising for a school before returning to building power and doing justice with DART.


Associate Director of Recruitment & Training

Sarah Storar has organized with DART and local DART organizations since 2009. She received her initial training through the DART Organizers Institute with CLOUT in Louisville, KY and then went on to become an associate organizer and later the lead organizer for IMPACT in Charlottesville, VA. After a few years, she returned to her hometown of Dayton, OH as the lead organizer for LEAD. In 2014, Sarah joined the DART staff as a recruiter and training coordinator.