Director of Organizer Training

Kristin Powell has a BA from Dartmouth College where she studied Urban Geography. During her first year in college she went to New Orleans to help with relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina. Her experience in New Orleans became the catalyst for her career in organizing. She saw the ways the local government oppressed its own citizens during the darkest moments of their lives and she knew she had to do something. She wanted a career that challenged unjust local systems and city leaders so that all citizens would be treated fairly by their government.  

She started her career in organizing in 2010 at ICARE in Jacksonville, FL. During her time at ICARE, Kristin led a campaign that got Restorative Justice Programs in over 100 schools affecting 10,000 Duval County students. She also led a successful campaign to get the Duval County Sheriff and State Attorney to stop arresting and prosecuting children for nonviolent misdemeanors. After eight years organizing in the field, Kristin joined the DART staff in 2019. In her role as Organizer Trainer she takes pride in helping new justice seekers find their power and develop the skills they need to win similar campaigns. She currently resides in Dayton, OH.