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Louisville becomes a “Ban the Box” city

By June 25, 2014July 28th, 2016No Comments

Louisville, KY — At CLOUT’s 2013 Nehemiah Action Assembly, several members of the Louisville Metro Council committed to sponsor an ordinance to implement new hiring practices within Louisville Metro government and for businesses who do business with local government in order to remove barriers to employment for persons with a criminal record. Specifically, they committed to make Louisville a “Ban the Box” city, and to extend that policy to vendors and contractors who do business with the city.

After several months of work, including many appearances by CLOUT leaders before Metro Council’s full sessions and committee meetings, in March 2014 the Council voted unanimously (26-0) to pass the “Ban the Box” ordinance. With this vote, Louisville Metro became only the 16th city in the U.S. to pass this policy and to extend it to vendors and contractors.

This policy is not only a compassionate way to help families get back on their feet, but is also a smart move by the city to address crime and the costs of incarceration and the courts. It will help thousands of individuals and families be able to support themselves by getting a job, and it will help the business community by providing a deeper pool of motivated and skilled employees.