Fighting for Racial Justice

We train everyday people of faith and professional community organizers how to uncover, research, and take action on problems in their communities. Whether our local affiliates are holding systems accountable to fair policing, equitable public transit, or access to mental healthcare, systemic racism is at the heart of every issue campaign we tackle. Black lives matter and that is why we build grassroots power to hold systems accountable to justice and fairness.

Our trained leaders and professional organizers bring together thousands of people from diverse backgrounds around these shared values of justice — a belief in the dignity of each person, and a commitment to stand for those who are being treated unfairly. It is apparent, due to centuries of intentional policy decisions by those in power, that Black people in this country are treated unjustly on a systemic level.

From Charleston to Topeka, we call communities of faith to expose systemic injustices and build the power to hold racist systems accountable to justice and fairness.

Read more about the work that our local organizations are doing to demand racial justice.