JUST Pensacola

Justice United Seeking Transformation in Pensacola


What is JUST Pensacola?

JUST Pensacola is a diverse and growing coalition of 20 congregations working for justice in Pensacola.

We are a newly formed organization entering our inaugural cycle of listening to surface community problems, researching systemic solutions, and taking direct action to hold decision makers accountable for change. We are currently forming Justice Ministry Teams within our member congregations, and will be holding house meetings this fall.

About JUST Pensacola


201 N. Baylen Street
Pensacola, FL 32502

(850) 208-4136

What we do

Our Impact

Just Pensacola completed its first listening, research to action process and will begin its investment drive starting September 2020. During this year, JUST Pensacola has welcomed four new congregations Cokesbury United Methodist Church, First City Church, Greater Morning Star Baptist Church, and Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church. We are now 24 congregations strong!

During its first listening process, JUST hosted 60 house meetings and engaged over 500 congregation members in these sacred conversations. Out of those 500 members, 347 agreed to become network members. During its Covenant Assembly, JUST brought together 270 members who voted to focus their research on Criminal Justice and Education. Despite COVID-19, JUST Pensacola board members agreed to move forward and host a Nehemiah Action virtually. On August 17, 2020, 180 JUST Pensacola members came together virtually to vote on the 2020 Nehemiah Asks and to re-affirm their commitment to turnout, 600 members, to the first Nehemiah Action.

Juvenile Justice

On August 31, JUST Pensacola exceeded its goal by turning out 700 members to the Nehemiah action. JUST Pensacola proudly welcomed members for 65 different congregations during the Nehemiah Action. JUST Pensacola invited the State Attorney Elect, Ginger Bowden Madden to attend and commit to increasing the use of youth civil citations from 41 to 80 percent. While she did not agree to a numeric goal, she did agree to increase the use of civil citations, allowing more than one civil citation and adding offenses to the civil citation that were removed by the current State Attorney. Finally, the State Attorney Elect agreed to participate in an exploratory committee to learn about adult civil citations. JUST Pensacola members will continue to monitor the use of civil citations and continue to meet with decision-makers to ensure civil citations remain at the top of their priority list.

Criminal Justice Reform

Among other things, JUST would like to share that they joined the DART FL Criminal Justice Coalition in 2020. As part of the efforts of the DART CJ Coalition, JUST Pensacola organized 120 members to send letters to the Secretary of the Department of Juvenile Justice in support of civil citations.

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