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Join the team of motivated and inspiring DART organizers who are building people power in order to create more just communities.

Organizing Careers

Why organize with DART?

If hired as a community organizer within the DART network, you will learn how to organize large numbers of people to take action on significant community problems. You will start a career working with people who share your values of fairness and equality. You will be part of a locally-led organization doing justice.

Organizers in the DART network enjoy:

Meaningful Work

The satisfaction that you are making a difference and inspiring change by building the power of organized people to take direct action.

Inspiring Colleagues

Working with diverse colleagues who are passionate about justice and equity for all.

Career Development

Learning the fundamentals of community organizing, and essential skills for nonprofit administration.

Competitive Salary

Competitive salary and benefits packages that includes holidays, paid time off, and health insurance reimbursement.

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Job preview

In addition to attending an upcoming webinar, please also watch the video below for a closer look into organizing in the DART network.

Joining Dart

Where are we hiring?

We are currently accepting applications for full-time community organizing positions in Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Nebraska, South Carolina and Virginia.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and positions are open until filled. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible

Positions start August 2022 and January 2023 in

Associate Community Organizer
Johnson County, KS
Associate Community Organizer
Kansas City, KS
Associate Community Organizer
Wichita, KS
Associate Community Organizer
Daytona Beach, Florida
Associate Community Organizer
Jacksonville, Florida
Associate Community Organizer
Pensacola, Florida
Associate Community Organizer
St. Petersburg, Florida
Associate Community Organizer
West Palm Beach, Florida
Associate Community Organizer
Charlottesville, VA

Positions start Summer 2022

Lead Community Organizer / Executive Director
Savannah, GA
Lead Community Organizer / Executive Director
Topeka, KS
Lead Community Organizer / Executive Director
Lincoln, NE
Lead Community Organizer / Executive Director
Fort Myers, FL
Lead Community Organizer / Executive Director
Bradenton, FL
Job description

What do Community Organizers do?

Read the full job description to learn more about what Associate Community Organizers are responsible for, as well as what it takes to be successful.

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Meet the organizers

DART organizers come from many different walks of life, but they are each called to build power and fight for justice.


Common questions about working with DART

What types of issues do DART organizations address?

A list of our accomplishments will show that DART organizations address problems that affect large numbers of people and violate a basic sense of fairness, such as the lack of quality education or access to essential quality healthcare, criminalization of children, predatory lending, etc. In our work together toward pragmatic solutions, we set aside labels like red/blue, conservative/liberal, etc. that divide a city, and focus on the common good.

Where is the job located?

DART is a national network of 31 local community organizations.  Below you’ll find a list of cities where DART has organizations.

See where we work

What does the application process entail?

**Due to covid-19, all interviews are being held virtually.

Application Submission and Initial Screening  Candidates should submit their written materials according to the application instructions here. Applications are processed on a rolling basis, so early applications are encouraged.  Select candidates will then be invited to conduct an initial interview over web conferencing.

Second Interview Following an initial interview, selected applicants will be invited to schedule a second interview.  Candidates at this stage will also be asked to watch several job preview videos to gain insight into the work. They will also be invited to meet individually with one or two organizers for more informal conversations and opportunities to ask questions.

Reference Checks  For candidates selected to move forward after their second interview, we conduct reference checks with four professional references.

Final Interview  Candidates who remain under consideration following reference checks will be considered in the final stages of our screening process. This entails a third interview and additional job preview videos. Candidates typically know whether they’ll be offered a position within one week of their final interview.

What does the training involve?

We know there aren’t many opportunities to gain experience organizing an assembly of thousands of people to address issues of justice in your city.  That’s why we provide an intensive training for all organizers new to the DART Network — the DART Organizers Institute.

The DART Organizers Institute is the nation’s premier on-the-job training for faith-based community organizers. It begins with a four-day classroom orientation followed by five months of field training and a weekly reading and written curriculum related to the basic principles of community organizing.  All parts of the Institute take place in each organizer’s respective city, so they begin building relationships in their community from day one.

Organizers are assigned to work with select religious congregations in order to expand participation at a major direct action where issues of justice are addressed.  Skill development initially focuses on articulating the mission of the organization, intentionally developing relationships through one-on-one conversations, engaging leaders based on their personal motivations, time management, running effective meetings, building networks, long-term planning, working with clergy, and issue development.

Vocational development continues throughout an organizer’s career with an annual schedule of three two-day training and planning retreats, summer staff retreats, and joint regional staff trainings.

Do I need to be personally religious to be an organizer with DART?

Organizers with DART do not need to be personally religious, but it is important that they respect all religions. It’s common for our meetings to open and close in prayer and for organizers and leaders to reflect on values of justice and equality found in our various faith traditions, so organizers need to be willing to be trained on how to work with diverse religious institutions.

What are the hours?

Community organizers work hard, typically 50 hours a week.  There are several times a year when an organizer will put in 60+ hours a week leading up to major meetings.  Also, it’s important to know that organizers work with leaders who are likely to be working during the day. Therefore, it is often necessary to meet in the evening and perhaps on the weekend, when it’s convenient for them.

What opportunities for advancement exist?

Most new organizers are hired as Associate Organizers. Once an Associate Organizer gains experience and a history of producing great results, she or he will be promoted to the position of Lead Organizer (aka Executive Director) of one of DART’s organizations. Upon producing exceptional results there, the Lead Organizer would have the opportunity to move to another organization or help build a DART organization in a new city.

Is DART planning to expand?

Yes. Plans are underway for the development of new justice ministry organizations. But please note, prospective organizers will often approach DART to be hired to begin a new organization in the city where they live. DART typically denies these requests as it undermines ownership from local congregations. Therefore, it’s important that applicants for DART’s community organizing careers have an interest in working where our organizations are currently located.

What is the salary?

Starting salary range for Associate Community Organizers is $42,500 – $50,000 annually, plus a competitive benefits package.

Starting salary range for Lead Community Organizers is $50,000 – $70,000, depending on experience.

Career growth

How do organizers advance in their careers with DART?

Continual professional development and training are central to our culture. Whether they have been in the field for 2 months or 25 years, Community Organizers are constantly learning new skills and building upon old ones. Below are some examples of how you can progress in your career & develop new skills as a Community Organizer with DART.

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