Building the power of organized people to do justice

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BREAD is the most important organization in Columbus, Ohio, with a permanent and strong program for Hispanic civil rights in this city.

Wilson Hernandez / Owner, El Sol de Ohio

DART has done something that I’d never have thought possible – especially in Charleston, South Carolina! Over two dozen congregations now celebrate the “diversity of our unity and the unity of our diversity” by doing justice in ways that tear down walls, build bridges and change our community for the better.

Rev. Joseph Darby / Presiding Elder, Beaufort District, AME

“DART’s work is an authentic and highly effective answer to God’s call to do justice.”

Dr. Robert Linthicum / Pastor and Author of Transforming Power

“Five years ago, I could not imagine the cross-section of clergy and congregations that have come together to fight for justice under the banner of the Charleston Area Justice Ministry with the help of DART. This organization has been a real blessing to my ministry.”

Rev. Nelson Rivers III / Head Pastor, Charity Missionary Baptist Church in Charleston, SC

DART groups are on the ground doing the hard work of justice ministry. They are putting prophetic imagination into action. The leadership that DART provides is urgent, given the deep crisis we face in our society.

Walter Brueggemann / Old Testament Scholar and Theologian

“I have had the privilege of working with several DART organizations as they wage campaigns to provide affordable homes for low income people, and their victories have served as models for other communities across the country.”

Mary Brooks / Housing Trust Fund Project, Center for Community Change