By Jeremy Tombs, WKYT

Year after year, the organization BUILD (Building a United Interfaith Lexington through Direct-Action) works to address issues surrounding injustice within the city.

“We really focus on an issue where we think we can make a difference,” said Mary Miller, a housing committee member with the group.

In the past couple years, they’ve centered their focus on crime and affordable housing, and some congregations say they’ve seen that tangible change.

“It just so happened that our congregation was the first recipient of the affordable housing dollars,” said Nathl Moore, the pastor at First African Baptist Church. “It allowed us to rehab our senior apartment complex, bring in low-energy appliances.”

On Monday night, 26 congregations from across the city gathered to ‘Rise up and build!’ by deciding where change should be affected next – in healthcare, elder care or air quality.

Their choice was elder care, amassing 127 votes. Healthcare came in second with 92 votes.

“There is more to care for the elderly than just making sure they get their medications on time,” said one member of Consolidated Baptist Church, where Monday’s assembly was held.

She says it’s about finding care for her 61-year-old brother with multiple sclerosis.

“The other day, he was trying to figure out how the stove works so he could fry an egg, but I stopped him to avoid an accident that was waiting to happen,” said the congregant.

She says the basic details of life become critical for this population. Protection from predators, financial stability, and helping some of the city’s most vulnerable people manage declines in health name a few.

“Who will take care of my brother if the Lord takes me home before him?” she asked.

So elder care will be their main topic in 2024, while they also work to improve other ongoing problems like transportation, housing and crime.

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