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Restorative justice established in Jacksonville

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Jacksonville, FL – In 2009, ICARE’s research committee found that the greatest risk factor for a youth offender to become an adult offender is contact with the juvenile justice system. ICARE got the Duval County Public Schools to implement an evidence-based restorative justice program in two schools as a pilot. Since then, that pilot has expanded to 87 schools, giving 1,200 students access to restorative justice.

Restorative Justice Programs foster dialogue between victim and offender of disruptive behavior and increases offender accountability through formal conferences and mediation. In the last year, out-of-school suspensions have decreased by 25%. In 2012, ICARE pressed the Sheriff and State Attorney to implement this program in the neighborhoods to divert nonviolent youth from arrest. They agreed, and there are now three neighborhood accountability boards operating in Jacksonville, diverting nearly 150 youth per year.