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Affordable renting expanded in Broward

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Broward County, FL – With a turnout of 1,600 people at their April 2008 Nehemiah Action, BOLD Justice obtained a commitment from the Broward County Administrator, Bertha Henry, to convene the City Managers to draft a plan creating a net increase in the number of affordable rental units in Broward Countyover the next three years. Furthermore, city officials from Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood agreed to participate in this process. As a result of the 2008 action, $2.5 million was allocated toward constructing new affordable rental units and 358 new affordable rental housing units were built. In 2009, BOLD Justice continued to push on this issue. Funding for an additional 719 affordable units has been approved by the county for construction over the next year. Finally, in 2010 BOLD Justice held a third Action on affordable rental housing, pushing the County Administrator one more time to make a serious commitment to the creation of new affordable housing units around Broward County.  These three actions all combined to create 2,322 affordable housing units for the county.  All of the units are built and occupied by Broward’s working poor.