By Justin Walker, WTVQ

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)- BUILD, or Building a United Interfaith Lexington through Direct-action, used its’ annual Nehemiah Action event at the Central Bank Center in downtown Lexington to encourage leaders to work together with them to help end violence in the city.

BUILD faith leaders say this year, their focus was on violence, mental healthcare, and affordable housing.

Hundreds who were in attendance– heard from people that have been impacted by those issues.
BUILD encouraged city council members and other city leaders to provide more funding for affordable housing and transportation options for the mentally ill.

They also called on leaders to implement a group intervention strategy, or GVI.  So far, Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton and Police chief Lawrence Weathers have concerns about the strategy, saying it doesn’t work in some cities.

When asked if there are other solutions they’d be willing to go to pursue, this is what build leaders said:

“If there are some out there, we are open to that. They are trying to start from scratch. But there are proven solutions already out there. Lets try to get those implemented right now rather than more lives being lost and being lost. We’re willing to accept any other proven strategy, but they haven’t presented any to us,” said BUILD board member Belinda Snead.

BUILD leaders say their next steps are to get updates from city leaders about the agreements they made during Tuesday’s event.

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