By WBIR Staff

More than 1,000 faith leaders from 22 congregations are expected to meet Tuesday evening to discuss ways public transit can be improved in Knoxville and ways leaders in the area could help neighbors experiencing homelessness. Organizers named the meeting a “Nehemiah Action,” after a Biblical example of a large assembly.

The group is named Justice Knox and they invited Knoxville and Knox County leaders to the meeting so the group could present plans for them, and discuss ways to improve the community. Specifically, they said they would ask Knoxville city officials to commit to some steps towards implementing a plan for a micro-transit service supplementing the city’s bus system.

They said micro-transit services could close gaps that result in thousands of families unable to get to work on time, take care of their children or make it to appointments. They said they worked on a plan to implement the services with the director of Knoxville Area Transit, city policy staff and leaders from the Community Action Center.

They also said they planned to ask Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon and Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs to co-host with Justice Knox and attend a summit on homelessness. They said they would ask the mayors to meet with Justice Knox after the summit to discuss the next steps toward addressing homelessness.

Justice Knox also said they planned to ask to be included as a community stakeholder as city and county leaders work on plans to address homelessness.

Last fall, they said more than 500 members gathered in small house meetings to talk about issues impacting the community. Tuesday’s gathering is expected to start at 7 p.m. at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium.

A full list of the group’s action items is available below.

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