By Camila Pereira, Wink News

Many, including the chairperson of the League of Women Voters of Lee County Jaquelyn McMiller, wanted to raise their concerns at Monday’s Fort Myers City Council meeting about the cost of housing in the area.

The City of Fort Myers requested to approve an amendment to the affordable housing trust fund that would raise the maximum amount of income needed to be eligible for the aid, from 100% to 120% of the annual median income in the area.

It also planned to give priority to city employees for rental assistance.

This is why the city’s council chambers were packed with people who all stood in unity and wore red to voice their concerns about these proposed changes.

“I truly believe that there are people that work for the city that are in need of that assistance, and by all means, if they qualify, with the current ordinance, they should absolutely be able to apply,” McMiller said, “but they apply like everyone else. This is not a personal fund for the city.”

In a 3-to-3 vote, council members failed to approve the proposal.

The decision is to stick with the original requirements for the fund and possibly rework the proposed amendment at the city’s workshop meeting next week.

And while it is a huge relief to hear for McMiller, she said she’s ready to stand up once again if needed.

“You can best believe that not only LIFE [Lee Interfaith for Empowerment Inc.] will be there, but the League of Women Voters of the county will be there every step of the way to make sure that all the voices are heard and that equality is maintained,” she said.

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