By Maggi Marshall, News 6 Richmond

Hundreds of Richmond community members gathered Tuesday night to lay out concerns surrounding affordable housing in the city.

The community group Richmonders Involved to Strengthen our Communities better known as RISC wants to see more funding in the budget allocated for the cities mobile home repair and replacement program.

“This is a group of people who have been forgotten,” shared one speaker.

Paulina Chavez who is a member of their organization shared her story of how bad the conditions are in some mobile homes in the city.

She detailed how their were cracks in her home where water would get in, floors rotting, mold, pests and more.

“This is my story but its not only my story. There are so many more people still living like this,” she said.

Her mobile home is now repaired because of some of the previous funding the city had given her.

RISC said the city put forth 800,000 dollars towards mobile home repairs and replacements in the 2024 budget. They said 11 homes have been completed because of that and additional 10 are underway.

The group is asking city council to put another 2 million in the 2025 budget for the program.

They asked city council members in attendance to commit to adding it to the budget. All four in attendance said they would.

“I appreciate your advocacy. Keep holding us accountable and lets make the city great again,” said Ann Frances Lambert.

RISC said they plan to hold these leaders accountable As they continue to partner with city leaders to bring change for people like Chavez.

“That is why it is so important for city officials to dedicate more money to repairs and and the replacement of these mobile homes,” Chavez said.

The group also spoke on advocating for changes to how the city handles gun violence.
They are continuing there push for the city to adopt a gun violence intervention strategy like the one Hopewell is currently using.

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