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Columbus strengthens drug court docket

By June 18, 2008April 15th, 2014No Comments

Columbus, OH – In 2008, BREAD launched a campaign to expand and strengthen the specialized Drug Court docket in Franklin County. Research found that the Franklin County Drug Court was not being used at full capacity. Drug Courts operate under a specialized model in which the criminal justice system, mental health, and treatment communities work together to help non-violent offenders treat their addictions and become productive citizens, and has proven to lower recidivism and tax spending on crime when properly implemented. For example, incarceration costs in Ohio range from $25,000-$35,000 per year, while Drug Court costs only $4,500 annually. And while the recidivism rate for incarcerated offenders is 50%, Drug Court graduates have a recidivism rate of 17%. In front of 2,200 leaders present at BREAD’s Nehemiah Action, Judge Guy Reece committed to champion the expansion of Franklin County’s Drug Court from the current capacity of 50 to a capacity of 300 cases. Judge Reece also committed to work towards implementing national Drug Court standards in Franklin County. BREAD followed up with county officials and by the end of 2010 Franklin County Drug Court was at full capacity.