BREAD (Building Responsibility, Equality, And Dignity) hosted the rally at Washington Gladden Social Justice Park on Wednesday.


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Dozens of people gathered for a rally in downtown Columbus Wednesday afternoon, demanding justice for the recent law enforcement shootings involving two Black men in Columbus.

Casey Goodson, Jr. was shot by a Franklin County deputy on Dec. 4. Andre Hill was shot by a Columbus police officer on Dec. 22.

B.R.E.A.D. (Building Responsibility, Equality, And Dignity) hosted the rally at Washington Gladden Social Justice Park.

The organization is asking to join the city of Columbus in helping shape police reform after the recent shootings.

James Wynn, the co-president of the organization, said the issue could be fixed partially by improving the relationship between law enforcement and those in diverse neighborhoods.

“Here’s what we see. We see policing happening in communities of color, but not serving and protecting,” Wynn said.

Wynn says their goal is not only about police reform, but changing the relationship between police who are in the community and community members.

“Disappointed. I feel hurt. I just feel the senseless of it because it’s almost like shoot first, ask questions later,” Wynn said.

BREAD has also formed a committee to research police reform to find out what other cities have done to improve relationships.

Wednesday’s event allowed the organization to invite others in the community to support their mission.

Attendees were asked to bring black umbrellas to remember those lives lost at the hands of law enforcement.

“We needed a clear, creative symbol that shows that we have to shelter people of color and we have to protect them and I think umbrellas do a good job of symbolizing that,” said attendee Matthew Brackman.

Brackman began making umbrellas in the spring with the names of Black people who have died at the hands of law enforcement.

“Of the 18 names we had, five of them were from Ohio and since then we’ve only added to the list,” Brackman said.

He showed his support for BREAD and others who seek to make change with two umbrellas with the names of George Floyd and Tamir Rice on them.

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