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BREAD targets Worst of the Worst, encourages County Land Reutilization Corporations

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Columbus, OH – In 2009,  BREAD called for immediate action by city council on 85 of the “Worst of the Worst” properties. The City and County took enforcement action on all properties, half of which were resolved within three months. Franklin County Treasurer Ed Leonard, City Development Director Boyce Safford, and Deputy County Administrator Erik Janas agreed to develop a plan for the creation of a Franklin County Land Reutilization Corporation (CLRC). With strong support from BREAD, the Ohio General Assembly passed permissive legislation which allowed about half of Ohio counties to develop a CLRC in order to spearhead the redevelopment of vacant buildings and tax delinquent properties. In 2010, the County Treasurer called a summit with stakeholders in the community, resulting in the hire of a financial consultant to develop a financial model for the Franklin County CLRC.  To date 73% of the “worst” list has been demolished, helping to stem the decline in home values and prevent future foreclosures of existing homeowners in communities negatively affected by abandoned and vacant properties.