Juvenile Drug Court expanded in Dayton

Dayton, OH – As a result of LEAD’s April 2010 Nehemiah Action, County Commissioner Dan Foley partnered with Juvenile Drug Court Judge Anthony Capizzi in securing $250,000 to expand the Montgomery County Juvenile Drug Court by 50%, adding 50 slots which will serve approximately 100 more youth per year in substance abuse treatment. Drug Courts operate under a specialized model in which the criminal justice system, mental health, and treatment communities work together to help non-violent offenders treat their addictions and become productive citizens, and has proven to lower recidivism and tax spending on crime when properly implemented.


LEAD lowers family fares, routes reach Dayton mall

Dayton, OH – On April 19, 2010, the Director of the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA), Mark Donaghy, committed to presenting a plan to the RTA Board for the allocation of capital funds necessary to build and maintain new bus stops at the Dayton Mall. These stops would be within a reasonable and safe distance of mall entrances and provide shelter for riders. By November 2010, Mr. Donaghy followed through on these commitments and Glimcher Realty worked with the Greater Dayton RTA to make this a reality. Mr. Donaghy also developed a family 12-pass program which went into effect September 1, 2010, saving families 40% on cost when riding city buses.

Green Jobs Training created in Dayton

Dayton, OH – Montgomery County lost nearly 42%, or 30,000, of manufacturing jobs over the last seven years. Through in-depth research, LEAD discovered that by investing in the new green economy, including investments in construction, manufacturing, energy, and other industries, the Dayton community stands to gain thousands of jobs. At LEAD’s 2009 Nehemiah Action, County Commissioner Deborah Lieberman agreed to spearhead the creation of a Green Jobs Training Corps that will work to put people on a pathway out of poverty and into sustainable careers in the new green economy. The Green Jobs Training Corps began training people in the fall of 2009. Additionally, Commissioner Lieberman committed to investing in new and emerging green business through the Green Business Incubator. By the end of 2010, Commissioner Lieberman followed through on all of these commitments.

Dayton fights blight

Dayton, OH – Efforts begun by the LEAD organization in 2005 led the city to increase the number of dilapidated buildings taken down annually from 75 to 200. From 2006 to 2009 the city tore down an average of 600 abandoned and dilapidated properties in blighted neighborhoods each year. In 2010, 800 more buildings were torn down.

Youth Coordinator hired in Dayton

Dayton, OH – In 2006, LEAD received commitments from two Dayton Commissioners to hire a Youth Coordinator. They also agreed to direct the Youth Coordinator to meet with LEAD within 30 days of being hired and to regularly report back on progress being made. The new citywide Youth Coordinator started in May 2006 and is now responsible for compiling and marketing a comprehensive list of out-of-school programs and services for youth, identifying programs that include learning, conflict resolution, and development of social skills, soliciting input from youth regarding programs they find appealing, and developing criteria to evaluate the quality of programs.