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LEAD lowers family fares, routes reach Dayton mall

By June 17, 2010April 15th, 2014No Comments

Dayton, OH – On April 19, 2010, the Director of the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA), Mark Donaghy, committed to presenting a plan to the RTA Board for the allocation of capital funds necessary to build and maintain new bus stops at the Dayton Mall. These stops would be within a reasonable and safe distance of mall entrances and provide shelter for riders. By November 2010, Mr. Donaghy followed through on these commitments and Glimcher Realty worked with the Greater Dayton RTA to make this a reality. Mr. Donaghy also developed a family 12-pass program which went into effect September 1, 2010, saving families 40% on cost when riding city buses.