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Warrick County gains access to public transport

By June 17, 2010September 13th, 2015No Comments

Evansville, IN – CAJE worked to address the issues of joblessness and public transportation for three years.

At the time CAJE was addressing this issue there were 9,000 unemployed people in Vanderburgh County, who were looking for work but did not have reliable transportation. The clear solution was to connect these people with the over 200 employers in the Hwy 41 North Corridor. A bus route up Hwy 41 North was a clear solution.

After being met with three years of criticism and excuses from the Vanderburgh County Council the issue finally saw improvement as county council members agreed to fund the route in front of 1,200 people at the CAJE Nehemiah Action.

Since this time the Hwy 41 route sees over 23,000 riders per year. These riders now have improved access to jobs and social services.

This route was ranked priority in an external community study of what routes should be expanded. A coalition of community groups has been put together, including CAJE, to figure out how to extend the route to the Toyota plant.