March 7, 2019. WFIE 14 News.

POSEY COUNTY, IN (WFIE) – Officials in Posey County are calling the lack of affordable housing a “crisis” in the community.

On Thursday, members of non-profit Congregations Acting for Justice and Empowerment met to discuss immediate plans for fixing the issue.

We spoke with several people including those living and working in the county on Thursday. They brought up one issue in particular, the lack of affordable housing in the county.

They said resources are far and few between and not only that, housing options are just not there. Now many are stuck in situations that many would consider unlivable. That’s why the group is putting their heads together to bring a solution and more importantly bring attention to the issue.

Kevin Allton, Vice Chair of CAJE said, “Their landlords are unresponsive, they don’t have to keep them happy anymore. They don’t have to necessarily meet their needs the way they are supposed to because there’s no where for families to go. They are stuck where they are. So families are held in hostage in this kind of situation.

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