By Sophia Misle, The Pitch

The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Tour of Injustice is being hosted by the interfaith non-profit organization Justice Matters on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

The virtual tour will inform about three different areas of injustice in Lawrence, KS including homelessness, racial disparities within Lawrence Public Schools and the contributions to mass incarceration with the misuse of jails.

“Justice is one of those things that we can know about individually but we are very poor at addressing it individually,” Justice Matters co-president Reverend Deacon Godsey says, “We need to address it together as a community.”

Godsey says each fall Justice Matters holds listening sessions for members in the community to present what they perceive to be the top social justice issues in the community.

The virtual tour will be to various spots around Lawrence where each of the three issues being presented are perceived to be the most prevalent by the Justice Matters team out of the issues presented this fall. Godsey says the goal is to bring awareness to these issues as well as present tangible solutions to these problems.

Edith Guffey, Julia Orlando and Reverend Eric Galbreath will be speaking during the event. Guffey serves on the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and Affordable Housing Advisory Board in Douglas County, KS. Galbreath is the former co-president of Justice Matters and is a pastor at the Ninth Street Missionary Baptist Church and Orlando is a national expert in ending homelessness and has appeared as a keynote speaker throughout the country.

In light of the nationwide protests this summer, this seems like an excellent opportunity for those who say they support reform to take an active role in opposing injustice in their own community. It’s certainly in the spirit of MLK Day, and something you can safely participate in from anywhere.

The event will be from 2-3:30 p.m. on Monday, January 18. Register here.

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