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TUSA wins Green Jobs Training program

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Toledo, OH – TUSA’s research showed that the majority of job seekers were over the age of 35 and only 12% had a degree from a college or technical school. Therefore, TUSA challenged elected officials in May 2009 to dedicate funding towards training Toledo residents with the skills that would prepare them for jobs in new and emerging industries. TUSA secured $1 million of Workforce Investment Dollars for Green Job Training from the County, an extension of the Green Jobs Coordinator Position to oversee the Green Jobs Training Program, and $100,000 from the city to invest in training efforts for Toledo residents. At the 2010 Nehemiah Action, the County Commission reported that from the $1 million TUSA had leveraged for training, over 200 Lucas County residents had already received training in growing industries, earning over 400 industry-recognized certifications. In addition, the City Council reported that the funds TUSA secured are leveraging an additional $150,000 of city and state funding to create the Lucas County Green Job Corps. The Corps will train and employ at-risk youth from the Juvenile Justice system with skills in green jobs. At the Action, representatives from both the County Commission and City Council committed to continue meeting with TUSA to plan for continued job creation efforts to employ those who have been trained.